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You’ve got nothing to lose! Just fill out our short form, and within 48 hours, you will get a quote back. Stack us up against anyone and see the difference!

Free Design & Logo

You get a professionally design uniform, not a template, original from the ground up. Along with that, we will create a new team logo all at no cost! Righteous.

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We’re not like other “less expensive” companies who then hide their margins in ridiculous fees. We keep it as simple as it can get. You get more for less.

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Starting to sound crazy with all the free stuff? Well it isn’t. All it takes is a company determined to put costs where they count. Give Wicked 6 a shot. It’s free!



Okay, how great can a free logo really be?

Actually, pretty darn great! At Wicked 6 Sports, we’re doing our part to help every single team we touch look the best they can. And often times, it starts with a great team logo. And this isn’t just any dang logo. They’re created by professional designers with over 20 years experience at big advertising agencies. Ya, no $#@! dude.

Are you still thinking it over?

Pull the trigger and get a free quote dude!

How about a free sticker that rocks it?

These are well made, all-weather vinyl stickers. Get your friend to sign up too and we will send them one as well!


Why stop with custom uniforms? Add a matching gear bag to really set your team apart.

Take a gander at some of our latest designs.

(And yes, those are all our logo designs!)

You've got questions, here's some answers.

Do you charge for the artwork?

We do not charge when you submit a quote request. Included in request is one mockup as well as one revision.  At the point where you want more revisions, and you are still in the quote stage, you will be required to pay a $75.00 design fee for two additional revisions that can be made. If you move forward and place the order, the fee will be deducted from your overall order! Pretty fair we think.

How does the Free logo thing work?

Well, it’s a free* logo. Our designers (who have tons of big agency experience = get it right the first time) create a new logo and we present it to you in the context of your new uniform design. *Free means you get one idea presented to you, and if you have “minor tweaks” that’s fine. But we can’t do design after design until you see something that appeals to you. Remember, it’s free? But trust us, we’re very good at it and 99% of our teams LOVE what we do for them!

If we don't place and order, is the art ours to use?

Unfortunately no. Then we just become a design studio and that’s not why we started the business. All art is wholly owned by Wicked 6 Sports until such time you place an order. Then, it becomes yours, and with our killer customer service and pricing, we are confident you will be back to place additional orders.

How long will it take to see a design after the quote is submitted?

Obviously we are pretty busy, but our typical response time can be as short as a day, but no more than 5 days. Depends on our workload, but either way, pretty darn fast!

How do sublimated materials hold up to the abuse of the sport?

Actually quite well. Because uniforms take a ton of abuse, and need to be washed regularly, expect some normal wear. But the colors hold up extremely well as does the stitching. Again, remember, “things” only hold up as well as you take care of them. It’s competitive apparel, so expect some wear to take place based on how much stress you give the uniform.

How closely do you match colors?

Obviously we try very hard to hit colors exactly. But with sublimation, it is tricky. Honestly, we have had no complaints yet! We use the Pantone system for color matching, and we do a test run on each uniform before mass producing them to insure a true color match to the files we create and you approve.

What is your standard turn-around time?

It can be as short as 4 to 5 weeks, but no more than 6 weeks. You can also pay rush charges. Your customer service rep will work with you to create a timeline that fits your needs and is within our limits.

Are there limits as to what we can and cannot have on our uniforms?

That depends. If you are a club, the sky is the limit. If you are a school team, well, there are regulations that are in place to keep the critical areas of the uniform in compliance, like number sizes, placement, etc. As for design, there is no limit. That’s what makes our uniforms so special. We look at your team as a blank canvas, and we do our best to create a unique design that will not only set you apart, but intimidate your competition. The mental aspect of any sport plays a huge role, we just try to allow the uniform to actually play a role in that head game.

What are your payment requirements?

Once we have reached the point where you love the design, we require full payment up front. We use Pay Pal to collect, and in some cases, we accept checks or ACH. If for whatever reason the order is cancelled, please refer to our cancellation policy on this website.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

Our minimum is set at 20 pieces of any single item.

How do we re-order or add to an order in progress?

Just send a request to your customer service person and they will assist you in fulfilling that request. Your CSR will then collect any additional payments and place your new order. Easy-peazy.

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